About Us

Mission Statement

To increase access to, reduce disparities in, and improve quality of HIV care and service delivery through workforce development, education, technical assistance, and advocacy


The National Alliance for HIV Education and Workforce Development (NAHEWD) is a membership organization of 8 regional and 2 national AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETCs) that support the AETC mission.

NAHEWD supports the AETCs, a component of the HRSA-funded Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), which have an explicit directive to build and maintain a well educated and culturally sensitive health professions workforce that can provide prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment, and medical management for people at risk for and living with HIV.

AETC Program Activities

  • Provide state of the art training and consultation through education, capacity building, clinical preceptorship, clinical consultation, technical assistance, mentoring, and other clinical support activities
  • Develop innovative distance learning strategies to reach clinicians for education, consultation, and referral, creating expanded access to HIV care
  • Build the clinical capacities of agencies, programs, and communities
  • Bolster clinical capacity by increasing cultural and care competency of HIV care providers
  • Offer ongoing consultation and technical assistance to enhance the capabilities of systems of care to deliver complex HIV clinical treatment
  • Support clinical skill development to help providers engage persons living with HIV and those at-risk through the integration of primary and secondary prevention in all clinical encounters
  • Work with public health providers and academic health institutions so that local and regional experts can serve as ongoing mentors for clinical providers
  • Help providers conduct appropriate prevention, diagnostic, and care programs
  • Create, expand, and improve the workforce of HIV care providers


  • AIDS United
  • CAI Global
  • Center of Excellence for Transgender Health
  • Providers for Clinical Support System for MAT
  • Providers for Clinical Support System for Opioid Therapies
  • Walgreens Co.